Build your client base

  • Identify your offering and target clientele.

  • Effectively build relationships and create a strong referral base.

  • Network confidently and effectively to create a community around your work.

Make it profitable

  • Understand your market and create a viable business plan.

  • Set pricing and sales goals.

  • Manage your money effectively and plan for the future.

  • Develop products and services that sell.

  • Prioritize and organize your business around the work that makes a profit.

  • Stay on top of your finances with simple income and expense tracking.

Make it fun

  • Apply your skills to work that lights you up.

  • Own your schedule.

  • Amplify your impact.

  • Make more!

Get and Stay Organized

  • Break down large projects into small, strategic steps.

  • Make effective to-do lists.

  • Schedule for completion.

Simplify your work flow

  • Apply simple systems to amplify productivity.

  • Work with your natural tendencies and abilities to define a schedule that works for you and maximizes efficiency.

  • Build your resource team.

  • Manage and delegate tasks to stay focused.

Make Clear Decisions

  • Solve creative blocks.

  • Answer the questions that are slowing down your process.

  • Identify the resources that are worth your time and money.

  • Know what needs to happen next.

  • Move forward.

I found it immensely beneficial collaborating with Angela during the process of starting my business and moving into the next phase of my personal life.
— Leland Taylor, Owner of Great Southern Forestry LLC
When I felt overwhelmed, Angela was with me every step of the way, guiding me through the process.
— Alexis Etzkorn, Freelancer
Just left my preliminary holistic entrepreneurship session with Angela Mulligan. WOW. I know *several* practitioners who could use even just a moment of reorientation, reorganization and re-conceptualization.
— Ala'Sonye, Founder of Wild Ocher