"WORK" the Election Polls this Tuesday

Time to Work It with your democratic power! 

I recently attended a VoteTogether Circle w/ Social Justice Concert/Sing-Along at the Brooklyn Center for Sacred Activism and I must say that I was blown away.

I have always wanted to get involved in politics in a way that felt good to me and feel so empowered by the VoteTogether movement, created by CTZNWell, affiliated with people from Seane Corn's Off the Mat and Into the World organization. 

It is politics, activism, and organized power for the yogic community and more. I feel safe here to explore my relationship with the world. Highly recommend checking it out if you want the same.

We talked about not only the presidential choices, but all the offices that will appear on your ballot on Tuesday and what will happen after the election.

Happy to talk so you can sort out how you can vote/help/live in a way that feels good to you.

Some resources: