I found it immensely beneficial collaborating with Angela during the process of starting my business and moving into the next phase of my personal life.
—  Leland Taylor, Owner of Great Southern Forestry LLC
When I felt overwhelmed, Angela was with me every step of the way, guiding me through the process.
— Alexis Etzkorn, Freelancer
Just left my preliminary holistic entrepreneurship session with Angela Mulligan. WOW. I know *several* practitioners who could use even just a moment of reorientation, reorganization and re-conceptualization.
— Ala'Sonye, Founder of Wild Ocher
This was the best decision I could have made. I came to Angela with a lot of ideas and passion, and she helped me not only to get organized, but challenged me to consider all aspects of “why” and “why not,” probing deeper into what I REALLY wanted than I would have allowed myself on my own. Since starting with her, I have opened my private practice as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and have launched a new program for home exercises. Angela’s combination of enthusiasm and business savvy make her the perfect choice for someone like me, who is ready to put ideas into action. I highly recommend working with her!
— - Molly S
I continue to be amazed by your gift of creative thinking and brainstorming ideas. It’s been so valuable to me in times of angst. From a neuroscience perspective, one of the most important things for creatives/artists/generally-right-brained people is to take actionable steps in life/business to avoid spiraling into freeze-and-fold, depressive feelings. And with our coaching relationship, that’s where you’ve really helped intervene and keep me on track.
— Alexa Owen, Yoga Therapist
My experience with Angela has been really wonderful. She is smart, warm, friendly, and very good at what she does. Her experience and expertise helped me focus on specific goals for my business and achieve them! I highly recommend her as a business coach.
— Ankeen M
I had a pinprick of an idea, and Angela asked all the right questions to help me fledge out thoughts and consolidate it into a plan. I felt a newfound motivation to keep moving and had quite the breakthrough.
— TM
I found myself leaving with a lasting and positive approach to my professional life.
— Clay Pipkin, Acoustics Engineer
Angela is the most gifted listener I have ever encountered. She is gentle, warm and kind which made it easy for me to open up and has cultivated a meaningful and lasting bond.
— Skyler Etts, musician
Angela is an amazing coach. She listens deeply and is able to reflect things to me that I have trouble seeing in myself. I’ve often gone into a session with tons of doubts and questions and ideas and somehow, almost magically, Angela’s able to help me organize myself and find purpose, clarity, and vision. She cares deeply about helping people realize their deepest passions and desires and I am honored and grateful to have benefited from her gifts.
— Chelsea M, Founder of Brooklyn Center for Sacred Activism