I can help support you to:

  • Live a summer experience in alignment with your values and goals.

  • Imagine and envision what you are capable of next.

  • Understand your skills and what impact you are ready to have on the world.

  • Build a business as a healer.

  • Prepare for your next adventure - where you want to work and where you want to live next.

  • Get grounded in making your vision a reality - taking the steps.

  • Transform challenging experiences into growth.

  • Understand and communicate relationship boundaries and needs.

  • Make space for yourself in community.

  • Work through questions and insecurities to find clarity and confidence.

I am a 100 hour trained and certified coach with over 300 hours of coaching experience with a few new client openings that I wanted to open up to the Omega community at a discounted rate. Preference given to clients looking to build an on-going coaching relationship.

Artist Painter Mural
Angela is an amazing coach. She listens deeply and is able to reflect things to me that I have trouble seeing in myself. I’ve often gone into a session with tons of doubts and questions and ideas and somehow, almost magically, Angela’s able to help me organize myself and find purpose, clarity, and vision. She cares deeply about helping people realize their deepest passions and desires and I am honored and grateful to have benefited from her gifts.
— Chelsea M.
Angela is the most gifted listener I have ever encountered. She is gentle, warm and kind which made it easy for me to open up and has cultivated a meaningful and lasting bond.
— Skyler E.
When I felt overwhelmed, Angela was with me every step of the way, guiding me through the process.
— Alexis E.
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