The Weekly List.

Together we create structure in your work week so you can get more done. Organize, prioritize, delegate and schedule your work for the week in under 30 minutes. I use a tried and tested technique for boosting productivity to take your work forward in no time. 

Bring your unorganized, overwhelmed mind and leave with a clear strategy and manageable task list. Meetings are 15-30 minutes. In and out and organized. No time wasted so you can get on with the important stuff. 




 Hiring + HR.

You're busy, that's why you need to hire someone. Why not let me do the grunt work? Together we outline the position and then I take over the posting and initial screening. All you have to do is show up to the interview and say yes or no. Then I get them set up with your on-boarding process so you have a ready-set professional on your hands on day one. 

Having a successful business relies on having satisfied and committed team. Feeling unsatisfied with your staff? Think things could be running smoother? I work directly with staff to reduce turn-over (and the headache that is hiring) and ensure that everyone is working effectively and efficiently towards the same goal: building you a successful business. 

Work Flow + Systems Design.

Things happen a lot faster with the right system. Maybe your papers are everywhere, your bookkeeping is a mess, or you can't get back to your clients fast enough. Setting you up with the right system, a system that incorporates how you work, reduces the work time, effort and frazzle. Set up easy to use systems and work better, not harder. 

Bookkeeping + Money Management

I will help you track your money, stay on top of invoicing, set pricing and packaging and plan for the long term. 



Depending on scope of work. 

Your business can grow.