The Emerging Designer: Wellness + Work Open House, Panel Discussion and Networking
November 13th, 2018

Wellness and Work Party and Panel

Wellness and work go hand-in-hand. Now more than ever, we need ways to thrive in both areas of our lives. By understanding practices, rituals and time-saving solutions, we can gain efficiency and harmony in our day and build long-term habits that will be beneficial for success. We can’t do it alone, either. We need the power of community to help support our pursuits.

To help connect and learn from one another, join Melissa Hall, educator, consultant and founder of The Emerging Designer, a New York-based platform for designers and creative professionals, for an evening at The Assemblage John Street. We'll put the concept of wellness and work into action and hear about ways we can incorporate practices into our lives, both personally and professionally.

The evening will consist of a mini-meditation, panel on the intersection of wellness and work, and a food and drink tasting while networking with others. Guests can tour The Assemblage co-working space and listen to live music from Matorin.

This event is free and open to the public. Learn more about joining The Assemblage and getting special access and free entry to all of our programming.