Angela is a 100 hours trained and certified coach with over 300 hours of coaching experience

Angela is obsessed with amplifying the impact of her clients. She transforms good intentions into financially sustainable and satisfying work. 

As a former executive assistant to Chief Creative Officer’s and CEO’s, organizational consultant to private clients and unconventional career coach, Angela is always looking to more deeply understand the processes that make work more satisfying and productive.

She started out training as an engineer and ecologist where she honed her abilities in applying diligent process to get results. Then she wandered off into the woods to take courses in wellness and spirituality while living as a member of the intentional community at The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. Here she obtained an obsessive zeal for conscious communication and for supporting the creative people around her think through and create plans to reach their goals. 

Embodying the entrepreneurial spirit, Angela has taken journeys that have led her to help produce a documentary in Morocco, collect ecological data in French Polynesia, practice biodynamic farming in the south of the United States, live in nothing but a tent for over a year and sail a catamaran across the South Pacific. 

Putting it all together, she can be found applying her left-brain thinking to provide structure and process to established and emerging creative professionals and entrepreneurs so that they reach their creative and financial goals faster. 

Above all, Angela is dedicated to helping clients design a work life that works for them, prioritizes their values and that makes a lasting, positive impact on the world. 

Angela finds working with creatives, LGBTQAI folks, POC, polyamorous/non-monogamous individuals, and people with alternative spiritual practices deeply fulfilling and offers all of her patients a judgment-free environment within which to connect.

Her clients have been featured in Entreprenuer Inc., The New York Times, DVEIGHT and more! Come find her working out of either of The Assemblage houses, drop her an e-mail or connect on Insta @angelamulligan_

 Angela Mulligan



Based in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Remote services available. 

The Assemblage
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MINKA Brooklyn
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