Angela is a Certified Professional Coach with over 200 hours of training and over 250 hours of coaching experience with her clients.

My intention through this work is to dismantle barriers to personal growth and professional fulfillment that arise from themes such as: inability to decide, feeling stuck in a current situation, inaction, confusion, feelings of uncertainty, disorganized thoughts, worry about the future, pressure to choose ‘the right’ path, and concern that what is desired is not possible.

I am a dream-affirming, feeling-affirming, need-affirming, LGBTQIA+-affirming, POC-affirming, poly-affirming, social-change-affirming, forward movement oriented practitioner. I offer all of my clients a judgment-free environment within which to connect and move forward.

 Angela Mulligan



Based in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Remote services available. 

The Assemblage
17 John St. New York, NY, 10038


MINKA Brooklyn
1120 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225 3rd Floor